reverb list compilation (for followers)

to reroll
to recrease
to refold
to restore
to rebend
to reshorten
to retwist
to redapple
to recrumple
to reshave
to retear
to rechip
to resplit
to recut
to resever
to redrop
to reremove
to resimplify
to rediffer
to redisarrange
to reopen
to remix
to resplash
to reknot
to respill
to redroop
to reflow
to recurve
to relift
to reinlay
to reimpress
to refire
to reflood
to resmear
to rerotate
to reswirl
to resupport
to rehook
to resuspend
to respread
to rehang
to recollect
of tension (again)
of gravity (again)
of entropy (again)
of nature (again)
of grouping (again)
of layering (again)
of felting (again)
to regrasp
to retighten
to rebundle
to reheap
to regather
to rescatter
to rearrange
to rerepair
to rediscard
to repair
to redistribute
to resurfeit
to recompliment
to reenclose
to resurround
to reencircle
to rehole
to recover
to rewrap
to redig
to retie
to rebind
to reweave
to rejoin
to rematch
to relaminate
to rebond
to rehinge
to remark
to reexpand
to redilute
to relight
to remodulate
to redistill
of waves (again)
of electromagnetic (again)
of inertia (again)
of ionization (again)
of polarization (again)
of refraction (again)
of tides (again)
of reflection (again)
of equilibrium (again)
of symmetry (again)
of friction (again)
to restretch
to rebounce
to reerase
to respray
to resystematize
to rerefer
to reforce
of mapping (again)
of location (again)
of context (again)
of time (again)
of cabonization (again)
to recontinue