things seen (Cork block)

One door. Two windows.


Yellow traces on a concrete wall.


Water (an horizontal).


The green back of a billboard.


Cut trees.


Two stakes higher than usual.


Three blue plastic bags.


Walls separating heaps.


Ordinary houses.


Green, yellow, red (seen in this order).


Grass growing through cracks.


A text recovered with white paint.


A roof under another roof.


Wood decaying in water.


A concrete wall riddled with rust.


A tree seen on a crest.


A piece of waste ground.


Turned slowly from orange to pink.


Rubble in a field.


Metallic paint on a metal wall.


Stones warmed by sun.


Three containers put side by side.


Burnt grass.


Oblique traces.


A half painted wall.


Tortuous paths drawn by sheeps.


One on the other.


A nearly yellow field (a green one).


A dotted line.